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Stimulation Chemicals

Frac, Remediation, and EOR Chemicals

Our products are designed to help our clients maximize profits and increase efficiencies. We promise to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions while minimizing our environmental impact.

  • Axi™ Slick – Anionic and cationic friction reducers designed to reduce friction pressures and build viscosity if needed.
  • Axi™ Scale – Phosphonate and polymeric scale inhibitor additives.
  • Axi™ Surf – Surfactant additives designed to prevent emulsions and increase the flowback of hydrocarbons.
  • Axi™ Pro – Microemulsion additives that incorporate unique surfactant and solvent combinations to increase the flowback and production of hydrocarbons.
  • Axi™ LIFT – Microemulsion additives that incorporate unique surfactant and solvent combinations to reduce injection pressure and increase overall hydrocarbon recovery in EOR, waterflooding, and remediation.
  • Axi™ Clay – Clay control additives to help mitigate both swelling and migratory clays.
  • Axi™ FE – Iron control additives designed to chelate and reduce iron and other cations.
  • Axi™ Treat – Biocide additive to treat fluids and prevent bacteria.
  • Axi™ Gel – Guar based slurries.
  • Axi™ Break – Friction reducer and gel breakers.
  • Axi™ Solv – Solvent based additives to help clean out producers or old wells that have organic damage to allow for better overall fluid production.
  • Additional chemicals: Various other products are available. Additional chemistry that is required for your stimulation fluid can be custom designed and produced as requested.

Formulating for ESG

Many of our products are formulated and can be provided as concentrates. This enables us to provide the greatest value to our clients by reducing the number of trucks on the road, reducing the carbon footprint on location, and improving safety by minimizing the handling of products in the field. Additionally, the reduction of trucks on the road greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Guide is ESG conscious when developing products and does not formulate with any chemicals listed on the OSHA List of Highly Hazardous Chemicals, Toxics, and Reactives. Our products are formulated for use in a wide range of waters, working in 100% produced water, 100% freshwater, and all ratios in between. Products formulated for use in 100% produced waters dramatically reduce the need for freshwater. For perspective, each well of produced water could reduce 50,400,000 gallons of freshwater consumption. Discover what a custom solution can do for your well.

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